Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 13

Nevermind The Bullocks, Here's Dirt City Chronicles

The end of the Mayan calendar's 13th Baktun was feared as a harbinger of the apocalyptic 2012 phenomenon. It's now three years on, so we can surmise that the Mayans were either wrong or bad at math.
You don't need algebra to cipher out the baker's dozen. The long measure is 13 and on the thirteenth day of the second month, let's cast aside our triskaidekaphobia. Saint Anthony of Padua has graced us and we have nothing to fear.
Love and pollen are in the air. The cold north wind is the harbinger of winter, the devouring one, strong and unruly. The Zephyr by contrast is the gentlest of winds, the messenger of spring, which we now await.

For the fundamental truth is self determination of the cosmos, for dark is the suede that mows like a harvest and loud is the sound that cuts through the ghostly netherworld, fused with seductive menace, shimmering with mystery. 
These are the shadow lands, where ancient dramas of love, lust, beauty, and despair are enacted night after night. "the sound of someone as maddened as they are enthralled, aglow with anger and passion" A ghost world of dope addled paranoia, dissolving identity, suffocated love, sexual turmoil and oblique violence. 
Sounds like a typical Saturday Night in downtown 'Burque to me.... Audi 5000 ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Significant Bummer- Partman Parthorse
I Like to Die- The Drags
Drink for Free- Bovine
Blondie- Bring Back Dad
Secret Spy- The Eyeliners
Gracchi Saturday Night- The Gracchi
Yeah!- Elephant
Lil' Dude- Partman Parthorse
Ditch Troll- Racist Cop
About the Girl Next Door- The Meek
Sissy Boy- Bring Back Dad
Standing on the Corner- The Gracchi
Postal- The Eyeliners
Punk Rod- Beefcake in Chains
Automatic- Scared of Chaka
Think of Me- The Eyeliners
Sweet- Volume Volume
Trans Am- Elephant
Do Pot- Racist Cop 
Threw it Away- The Gracchi
Minneapolis- Bring Back Dad
Beefcake in Chains- Beefcake in Chains
Headache- The Eyeliners