Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 12

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music, produced by the plethora of New Mexico based musicians and beyond. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

On the television series Sons of Anarchy they are portrayed as one dimensional cartoonish thugs who stumble from one disastrous criminal venture to another. 
Yet, I've always found the Mayans MC more intriguing than the Sons. In true Bushido fashion they march off to their deaths like ape hanger kamikaze pilots. Emotionless and stoic, they have the life expectancy of a fruit fly. A steadfast rush without any clue as to what lays ahead, fools rush in... or so they say. Do Mayans dream of electric jaguars?, fuck if I know

Episode 12, chock full of manic tension and disarming charm. Accelerating like a hard rock machine, fueled by thrash riffs, trash vocals, spaghetti western twang and go fuck yourself attitude. You'll figure it out. ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

An Empty Apartment- Swales
Heart Throbbin'- Romeo Goes To Hell
Vomit Rocket- Pan!c
Don't Ask- Stabbed in Back
Overload- Weird A
Neighborhood- The Unemploid
Zozobra- The Leaky Faces
The Drinking Song- Arroyo Deathmatch
12 Pack Lovin'- The Rum Fits
Between my Teeth- Romeo Goes To Hell 
Should I Buy it or Sell It- Adobe Homes
Herman Melville- Levi the Poet
Going to California- The Leaky Faces
GIN- The Vassar Bastards
Head Damage- Weird A
Steam- The Leaky Faces
Urban Graves for Fetal Sharks- Arroyo Deathmatch
Memorial Day- Stabbed in Back
Redneck- The Unemploid
Blue Balls- Swales
Symbols- Swales
Where are You- The Leaky Faces
We Love the Burning Silos- The Burning Silos