Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 11

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music, produced by the plethora of New Mexico based musicians and beyond. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

Big bottom metal, locomotive guitar riffs and laconic drums beats, whipping up a head of steam... I miss the days when this type of music set you apart. It's practically gone now. Driven off by the legion of angst driven emo /screamo /math rock posers that flooded “Burque's music scene like a horde of rats after dark in an abandoned cheese factory

Heavy is thy name, Wino Weinrich is thy God. Crank out that I drink cheap beer and bong hit schwag all night type of music, that I smoke angel dust, drop acid and seek out mayhem type of music... that's the shit. So low, it's been real. I'm leaning fast into the twisted night. The forecast calls for doom, better bust out your iron brolly
~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Shanty- Catfish Hunter
Pistol Star- SuperGiant
Head On Collision- Black Maria
Doghouse- Unclean
Snow Plow- Space Truckers
Hellucination- Tendorizor
Bedford- Catfish Hunter
Mountain Candy Rape- Leeches of Lore
Antares- SuperGiant
Ear Banger- Space Truckers
End of it All- Treadmill
Witness- Catfish Hunter
Lady Cop- Black Maria
Retribution Shot- Space Truckers
Unkept- The Ground Beneath
Ramble Song- The Dirty Clydes
Court of Kings- Five Hundred
Gateway- Winterlock
Soul Crusher- Catfish Hunter
The Agent- Sincerely