Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 5

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music, produced by the plethora of New Mexico based musicians and beyond. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

Parts is parts and music is just that, music. No matter, one man's music is another man's 8-bit chip tune gothic folk rock cowpunk. We live in an age of genres and if so desired, every noise in the world can be slotted into a category of choice. There's a thousand banjo pickers and fiddlers in Santa Fe/ Albuquerque (augmented by any number of chicks plucking ukuleles and mandolins) So, whatever your poison.... Americana, Outlaw, Norteño, urban country, folk punk, gothic country, bro country, nu-grass, we got you covered. ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Ballad of Heisenberg- Los Cuates de Sinaloa
Better Call Saul, the song- Junior Brown
La Verdolaga- Mala Maña 
Townes- E. Christina Herr
Abalone- The Porter Draw
Amanda - Todd and the Fox
Hey Joe - Pawndrive
Moth - Arroyo Deathmatch
Basking Sounds - AJ Woods
Embers- Cattalo
Cold Rain and Snow - Mary and Mars
Diggin' a Grave - Sam Miller
Mississippi Queen - Bud Melvin
Winter Song - Manuka Piglet
Little Birdie - Good Old Shoulder
Many Long Ago - The Whiskey Priest
Spider Walker- Javelina
Locked In- The Porter Draw
Moses Stuttered- Todd and the Fox
My Revolver- Lowlights
Myra Joyce- The Porter Draw

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 6

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music, produced by the plethora of New Mexico based musicians and beyond. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

Here's a bulging Christmas stocking, chock full of ear candy, ready to hang on your mantle. It's our most ambitious playlist yet. One hour and twenty eight minutes of diverse delights. An encyclopedic side dish, as New Mexican as red chile, biscochitos and tamales. Season's Greetings and Feliz Navidad, or as we like to say in New Mexico, Ala Verga!, is it gonna snow for Christmas or what? ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Contra- The Leaky Faces
Cry Baby- The Echoing Green
Fragile- Lousy Robot
All the best Matadors are Fascist- Arroyo Deathmatch
Moot Point- Sun Dog
Gingerbread- Manuka Piglet
Pilots- High Desert
Salt Spreader- Billy Bellmont
Promise- Archabald
Three in the Morning- SuperGiant
Wyoming- Five Hundred
Call to Rise- Stoic Frame 
The New New Real Real Folk Blues- Bud Melvin
All the Little Towns- YaYa Boom
Launch Re-entry - The Breaktone
Black Xmas- Then Eats Them
Christmas Without You- The Angel Babies
Directions in a Bottle- Next 2 The Tracks
Black Lung- The Old Main
Norma Jean- Holiday Sail
Ought Five Thunder- The Foxx
Do Pot- Racist Cop
Soda Ride- Electricoolade

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 7

Santa Fe is burned into New Mexican's collective consciousness as a cosmopolitan tourist magnet (or trap, as you wish) New Mexico's symbol of liberalism, pluralism and nepotism.  A city so welcoming that on the second Tuesday in January of each odd numbered year, it plays host to the vilest, most corrupt collection of politicos this side of Baton Rouge.  The New Mexico legislature. 

Much has been said or written about the “city different” though often times the city's vibrant music is overlooked. The dreaded (by some) Americana genre rules Santa Fe's scene, make no mistake about it. That's not a bad thing, (as some folks in Albuquerque might have you believe) 
Santa Fe denizens tend to prefer banjos, upright bass and lap guitars, while in 'Burque alternative rock and experimental noise capture the most attention. But, just for the record, Albuquerque has a few Americana cards up its sequined sleeve.

The music filters out of the speakers as the audio version of all the stories written about New Mexico by authors such as Edward Abbey, Eugene Manlove Rhodes, Max Evans. You can give your eyes a rest, let your ears do all the work. ~Dirt City Chronicles ~

Road to Ruin- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Tim Trombone- Trilobite
Nine Days and Nights- The Grave of Nobody's Darling
The Past has Passed- Jenny Invert
Gone for Good- The Shins
Hunky Kentuckian- Trilobite
Kentucky- The Grave of Nobody's Darling
Summer Wine- Hazeldine
Drink Me- The Dolly Ranchers
Until Now- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Pioneer Square- Sam Miller
Lake Havasu- The Grave of Nobody's Darling 
Pumpkin Farmer- Trilobite
Maddie Girl Slim- The Dolly Ranchers
Darlin' Corey- Young Edward
My Sister's Tiny Hands- Fast Heart Mart
Drive- Hazeldine
New Slang- Iron Horse

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 8

There's a big hard sun beating on the big people The future's so dim, you need night vision goggles just to grope your way through the sunniest of days

And you may ask yourself, How did we get here? 
Jealousy, hate, intolerance, impatience and an oppressing sense of impermanence 
Carry the water to the bottom of the ocean, motherfuckers

And while we can surmise that the Mayans miscalculated the end of civilization... rest assured they weren't off by much       Oh! Dr. please help me, I'm dying.... so fill that prescription please! 

Another musical missive from New Mexico, the last bastion of civilized society 
We all need our medicine, our poison, our fix.... drugs, food, sex, alcohol, violence, cigarettes, music..... Lucky You!, we got your vices covered ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Uncle Sam- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Gimme Gimme- Hundred Year Flood
Mayan Prophecy- Fast Heart Mart
Brainless Job- Grand Canyon
Hate Job- Fast Heart Mart
Trustafarians- Fast Heart Mart
Bottomless Hole- The Handsome Family
Cold Iron- Rawdogs
Bullet- The Moonshiners
Sunshine- Hundred Year Flood
Devil's at Reds- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Pretty Dress- Bill Palmer's TV Killers
Don Stone- Grand Canyon
Never Win 1933- Jon Forrest Little
Weightless Again- The Handsome Family
Worried Man- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Cheap and Sunny- Fast Heart Mart
One Last Fiesta- Mary and Mars
Turn a Square- Iron Horse
From the Westside- Grand Canyon
My Friend- The Handsome Family

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 9

The Big Empty, the garden spot of the southwest. A city so misguided that it gutted it's once quaint and distinctive downtown district and in doing so became the Southern New Mexico version of Rio Rancho. A cluster of nothingness, defined by an emptiness of essence and fine dining. Hardly ever a destination, most often it's that tangle that you have to fight through on your way elsewhere. Las Cruces.... yes write about it if you like or anything if you like, but not there, there is no there there. (my apologies to Gertrude Stein for that truncated, bastardized version of her famous quote) 

For all its shortcomings, I’ve seen first-hand that now more than ever, there is a “there” in Las Cruces. The city indifferent does appears to have two redeeming qualities and one begets the other. NMSU is a low brow Ag school where the hicks from the sticks matriculate while binge drinking and bemoaning the predominance of queer folk and hippies on campus. But it also attracts its fair share of music geeks and band nerds from the lower half of the state. This has led to a surprisingly active and self sustained local music scene. 

The perfect soundtrack for a night of violence, debauchery or just good clean fun. Direct from the city that always creeps, carefully selected with all the care of a Juan Valdez coffee bean, it's the Lost Cruces edition of Dirt City Chronicles. Enjoy. 

Titty Baby- The Raggies
Beautiful as Smoke- The Sextants
All Night Long- CW Ayon
Empty- Dirty Jones
Wrong or Right- The Dirty Clydes
Cold Iron- Rawdogs
Sand Dollar Girl- The Sextants
She Drank Until She Died- The Raggies
Snow Plow- Space Truckers
Georgia Line- Soulshine
Drunken Highway- The Raggies
She Thinks- The Sextants
Dusty Low- Dusty Low
Someday We'll Get There- Shang-a-Lang
Taco Wagon- The Raggies