Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 10

Wondering how the hell I got here, in this godforsaken town:
In Top Gun, Goose is a smart ass. He's always cracking wise, hamming it up and he winds up being the only character killed off in the entire movie. Jimmy the Goose in Mad Max was an unrelenting wise ass, who even after suffering serious injuries in a motorbike crash,  quips that it's  "Nothing a year in the tropics can't fix." Shortly after which he's turned into bbq by Johnny the Boy and Toecutter. Rule of thumb: smart asses always seem to get theirs. 

La frontera ya no tiene burros. no need to roll your r's when pronouncing seguro  
The similarities between Fast Heart Mart and Sean Lucy are uncanny.  I wonder if they they've ever met? 
I look out my back window and all I see is trees... little trees
Someone should pass along a copy of “Family Business” to Steve Earle, it's the perfect companion to Copperhead Road (a Moonshiner concert favorite)

By my estimation, what separates Albuquerque's music scene from the Santa Fe and Las Cruces variety is how quickly the talent thins out.  So, it would stand to reason that in the case of Las Cruces (to use a sports phrase) the bench would be thin.  This compilation however disproves that notion. Top to bottom, it's all good. Lost Cruces volume two, click  your heels together and you're home.

Bullet- Moonshiners
Violent Hands- Rawdogs
Lord Lord- Everett Howl and the Wolves 
Way of the Buffalo- The Gold Hearted Crows
Been Waiting- CW Ayon
New Mexico- Desert Ratts
Last Stop- Dusty Low
Black Egg- The Beat Cowboys
Family Business- Moonshiners
I'm Not Me- Dirty Jones
Rambler- Thee Calaveras
I'm Drunk- Cardo Solis
Drunken Disorder- Hometown Letdown
Sure Enough- Sean Lucy
Desert Ratt Theme- The Desert Ratts
Song for Townes- Sean Lucy
Hasn't Rained- Moonshiners
No Way in this World- Sean Lucy 
Texas Women/Memphis Girl- Everett Howl and the Wolves
Dead or Alive- The Beat Cowboys
Willow Grove- The Gold Hearted Crows