Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 9

The Big Empty, the garden spot of the southwest. A city so misguided that it gutted it's once quaint and distinctive downtown district and in doing so became the Southern New Mexico version of Rio Rancho. A cluster of nothingness, defined by an emptiness of essence and fine dining. Hardly ever a destination, most often it's that tangle that you have to fight through on your way elsewhere. Las Cruces.... yes write about it if you like or anything if you like, but not there, there is no there there. (my apologies to Gertrude Stein for that truncated, bastardized version of her famous quote) 

For all its shortcomings, I’ve seen first-hand that now more than ever, there is a “there” in Las Cruces. The city indifferent does appears to have two redeeming qualities and one begets the other. NMSU is a low brow Ag school where the hicks from the sticks matriculate while binge drinking and bemoaning the predominance of queer folk and hippies on campus. But it also attracts its fair share of music geeks and band nerds from the lower half of the state. This has led to a surprisingly active and self sustained local music scene. 

The perfect soundtrack for a night of violence, debauchery or just good clean fun. Direct from the city that always creeps, carefully selected with all the care of a Juan Valdez coffee bean, it's the Lost Cruces edition of Dirt City Chronicles. Enjoy. 

Titty Baby- The Raggies
Beautiful as Smoke- The Sextants
All Night Long- CW Ayon
Empty- Dirty Jones
Wrong or Right- The Dirty Clydes
Cold Iron- Rawdogs
Sand Dollar Girl- The Sextants
She Drank Until She Died- The Raggies
Snow Plow- Space Truckers
Georgia Line- Soulshine
Drunken Highway- The Raggies
She Thinks- The Sextants
Dusty Low- Dusty Low
Someday We'll Get There- Shang-a-Lang
Taco Wagon- The Raggies