Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 8

There's a big hard sun beating on the big people The future's so dim, you need night vision goggles just to grope your way through the sunniest of days

And you may ask yourself, How did we get here? 
Jealousy, hate, intolerance, impatience and an oppressing sense of impermanence 
Carry the water to the bottom of the ocean, motherfuckers

And while we can surmise that the Mayans miscalculated the end of civilization... rest assured they weren't off by much       Oh! Dr. please help me, I'm dying.... so fill that prescription please! 

Another musical missive from New Mexico, the last bastion of civilized society 
We all need our medicine, our poison, our fix.... drugs, food, sex, alcohol, violence, cigarettes, music..... Lucky You!, we got your vices covered ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Uncle Sam- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Gimme Gimme- Hundred Year Flood
Mayan Prophecy- Fast Heart Mart
Brainless Job- Grand Canyon
Hate Job- Fast Heart Mart
Trustafarians- Fast Heart Mart
Bottomless Hole- The Handsome Family
Cold Iron- Rawdogs
Bullet- The Moonshiners
Sunshine- Hundred Year Flood
Devil's at Reds- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Pretty Dress- Bill Palmer's TV Killers
Don Stone- Grand Canyon
Never Win 1933- Jon Forrest Little
Weightless Again- The Handsome Family
Worried Man- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Cheap and Sunny- Fast Heart Mart
One Last Fiesta- Mary and Mars
Turn a Square- Iron Horse
From the Westside- Grand Canyon
My Friend- The Handsome Family