Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 6

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music, produced by the plethora of New Mexico based musicians and beyond. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

Here's a bulging Christmas stocking, chock full of ear candy, ready to hang on your mantle. It's our most ambitious playlist yet. One hour and twenty eight minutes of diverse delights. An encyclopedic side dish, as New Mexican as red chile, biscochitos and tamales. Season's Greetings and Feliz Navidad, or as we like to say in New Mexico, Ala Verga!, is it gonna snow for Christmas or what? ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Contra- The Leaky Faces
Cry Baby- The Echoing Green
Fragile- Lousy Robot
All the best Matadors are Fascist- Arroyo Deathmatch
Moot Point- Sun Dog
Gingerbread- Manuka Piglet
Pilots- High Desert
Salt Spreader- Billy Bellmont
Promise- Archabald
Three in the Morning- SuperGiant
Wyoming- Five Hundred
Call to Rise- Stoic Frame 
The New New Real Real Folk Blues- Bud Melvin
All the Little Towns- YaYa Boom
Launch Re-entry - The Breaktone
Black Xmas- Then Eats Them
Christmas Without You- The Angel Babies
Directions in a Bottle- Next 2 The Tracks
Black Lung- The Old Main
Norma Jean- Holiday Sail
Ought Five Thunder- The Foxx
Do Pot- Racist Cop
Soda Ride- Electricoolade