Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 7

Santa Fe is burned into New Mexican's collective consciousness as a cosmopolitan tourist magnet (or trap, as you wish) New Mexico's symbol of liberalism, pluralism and nepotism.  A city so welcoming that on the second Tuesday in January of each odd numbered year, it plays host to the vilest, most corrupt collection of politicos this side of Baton Rouge.  The New Mexico legislature. 

Much has been said or written about the “city different” though often times the city's vibrant music is overlooked. The dreaded (by some) Americana genre rules Santa Fe's scene, make no mistake about it. That's not a bad thing, (as some folks in Albuquerque might have you believe) 
Santa Fe denizens tend to prefer banjos, upright bass and lap guitars, while in 'Burque alternative rock and experimental noise capture the most attention. But, just for the record, Albuquerque has a few Americana cards up its sequined sleeve.

The music filters out of the speakers as the audio version of all the stories written about New Mexico by authors such as Edward Abbey, Eugene Manlove Rhodes, Max Evans. You can give your eyes a rest, let your ears do all the work. ~Dirt City Chronicles ~

Road to Ruin- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Tim Trombone- Trilobite
Nine Days and Nights- The Grave of Nobody's Darling
The Past has Passed- Jenny Invert
Gone for Good- The Shins
Hunky Kentuckian- Trilobite
Kentucky- The Grave of Nobody's Darling
Summer Wine- Hazeldine
Drink Me- The Dolly Ranchers
Until Now- Anthony Leon and The Chain
Pioneer Square- Sam Miller
Lake Havasu- The Grave of Nobody's Darling 
Pumpkin Farmer- Trilobite
Maddie Girl Slim- The Dolly Ranchers
Darlin' Corey- Young Edward
My Sister's Tiny Hands- Fast Heart Mart
Drive- Hazeldine
New Slang- Iron Horse