Friday, December 23, 2011

That Dirt City Sound Episode 23

That Dirt City Sound podcast episode 23 is a hodge podge of musical delights. I set out to make this a "rock" episode, which it is to a certain degree. Times are changing and what we once knew as rock music is slowly evolving into something else. More and more, we have less rock and more music.

Simon Widdowson is from Leeds, England he currently lives in Portland, Or. but for six years he called Santa Fe his home. Simon's specialty is carefully crafted slightly skewed pop songs.

Spellbox is Mysti Mayhem and Mandocello, they also made their home in Santa Fe, although they're now based in Durham, N.C. (Portland East?) Egyptian Death March was their debut album, released in 2003. Spellbox defies convention and  I dare you to pigeon hole them into any one genre or category.

Angola Farms is iconic Santa Fe rocker Tommy Archuleta  (Facedown, Disasterman, Beautiful Stupid Radio, 23 More Mintues) and guitarist Ben Ziegler.

simple is simply Stacy Parrish (January's Little Joke) Daniel Prevett, Jeff Romaniuk and Joe Anderson.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Dirt City Chronicles