Friday, December 16, 2011

The Graphic

Here's a few well timed Holiday Season music releases for those last minute (or well thought out) gifts and stocking stuffers (can you stuff a digital downloads into a stocking?)

Martin Stamper a.k.a Fast Heart Mart is back in Albuquerque, but before he hits the streets he'll be performing at Burt's Tiki Lounge, Friday Dec. 16th (that's tonight) at 10:00 p.m. Fast Heart Mart will open the show followed by Pancake$ and Leeches of Lore. 

Seeing Fast Heart Mart in person  could leave you hungering for Fast Heart Mart recordings. Both CD Baby and Amazon have Martin's full catalog available (sadly nothing from Hobos in Limbo) This includes his latest album, "Fast Heart Mart and The Stompers: Awkwrdquan."  

Martin picks up a banjo and reworks some of his classic tunes (Ruben's Train, Movie Theatre) and several songs from his previous album, the understated and mesmerizing "Depression Proof" (I am a Bear, Jawbreaker Sky, San Francisco)  It's Martin going back to his roots, playing at farmer's markets and pouring his soul into that most American of music.

And if that don't float your boat, Sicksicksick Distro is having a Christmas sale. Prices are slashed, not to ridiculous "how do we do it!" levels, but still quite reasonable.  Now, you can find something for that discerning music lover in your family without leaving the house. Is he or she a Bigawatt fan? Sicksicksick Distro has that on Cd-r.  Does Alms ring a bell? you can get "Endless Purification" on a 3" cd-r, feel free to help those poor guys out. 

What! you're the only trendy fucker in Albuquerque without Tendorizor's "Touch the Sword" Sicksicksick Distro can solve that problem for you. (albeit on 12" vinyl) Sabertooth Cavity's "En Lak Ech" 12" vinyl... you know it! KILT's "Snowwhiteinhell" also 12" vinyl, Yoda House/Black Guys 7" split on vinyl. Don't be left out, amaze your friends, piss off your roommates, fucking do something. All available at Sicksicksick Distro.

SuperGiant have always surrounded themselves with an intergalactic mystique that's equal parts stoner bullshit and Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Their first release the eponymous "SuperGiant" ep was groundbreaking and served notice that something different was oozing out of Albuquerque.

Now, it's been three years since "Antares" SuperGiant's debut full length album came out. "Antares" was an epic rock album that truly helped to define the peculiar genre known as stoner rock. Sludgy as fudge batter and twice the fun.

You would expect the much awaited follow-up "Pistol Star" to be amazing, but it's not. It feels and sounds like something SuperGiant slapped together, just to get some product out there. The band's slow and heavy grind has evolved, on a few tracks they almost sound like (gasp!) The Deftones.

SuperGiant once appeared poised to become the next big thang from Albuquerque. Now, they're still poised, though the momentum they had in 2008 seems to have vanished. SuperGiant takes the stage tonight (Dec.16th) in Albuquerque at The Launchpad as part of  The Porter Draw's cd. release party along w/Three String Bale & Mother Queen Death.

Alaska In Winter (Brandon Bethancourt) just announced a new release. "December Compositions" is fresh as a warm loaf of bread and just as comforting. It comes on a floppy disc cd-r complete with poster. It's also available for downloading, if that's your technical preference.  

It's warms my heart to see AIW back in the swing of things, it can't be easy coming back from what he went through. Brandon chronicles his recent struggles (both with his former label, an eating disorder and substance abuse) on "Suicide Prevention Hotline" an ep that gives the listener an unblinking look at the darkside of despair.

The ep is dark and introspective, not quite in keeping with the yuletide spirit... or is it? They say the holiday season is the toughest for anyone suffering from depression. If that's the case, pick up both "Suicide Prevention Hotline" and "December Compositions" that will cheer you up. AIW has an extensive catalog of music available, check it out.  

Merry Christmas!