Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dirt City Chronicles: The Year in Review

The Year in Review, everybody does it.  A look back at twelve months of irrelevant misinformation and bullstuff from Dirt City Chronicles. You can love it, hate it or ignore it, but it'll still be there just like that creeping mold around your tub.

One day some cyber  archaeologist will sift threw the remnants of the interwebs and wonder "What the fuck is this?".... "This" is the land of enchantment... New Mexico and we were here before anybody else.

Jan. 3rd.  To start the New Year (2011) I posted two videos by PartMan PartHorse, a Seattle band that features Marshall Nall, former Bring Back Dad guitarist.

Jan. 13th.  I never thought that an article that chronicles the history of our favorite music storage devices would be so popular.

Jan. 18th. A celebration of Zach Condon & Beirut, this post has racked up thousands of views and counting. Which goes to show that sometimes nice guys do finish first.

Albuquerque's native son Seann Scott, heavy metal drummer (Mother Mercy and Hellion) was the subject  on Jan. 20th. Also something compelled me to include a short history of satanic follower and metal vocalist Ann Boleyn of Hellion.

Jan.31st. A retrospective on SSgt. Barry Sadler, Green Beret, right wing cold war warrior, author and musician. Barry was born in Carlsbad, a handicap he was able to overcome. He rocketed to fame with a little patriotic ditty he called "The Ballad of the Green Beret"

Feb. 3rd. The Fireballs,  a definitive look at the group that pioneered the instrumental rock genre and never really got their due credit. George Tomsco, is a New Mexico rock & roll pioneer.

Feb. 10th. The definitive chronicles of Norm Petty and his legendary Clovis recording studio. Petty was a musical genius who didn't always have the best interest of his artists in mind. He was a product of the times, which doesn't make him any less of an asshole.

Feb. 20th. A two-fer:
Go Cats Go, is my version of how those hillbilly cats took the country by storm, playing that crazy rockabilly music.
Surf's Up, was an attempt to purge myself of a lifelong obsession with California, Los Angeles and surf music.

Feb. 27th. Parallel Universe is an article I wrote after noticing the similarities between the morning show crew at KCAL (San Bernadino,Ca.) and KZRR, 94-Rock in Albuquerque.  Both stations are rock radio relics, doomed for the scrap pile.

March 6th. Things picked up in a big way in March,  starting with an in depth review of The Long Gone Trio's classic retro-rockabilly album "Wildcat Juice."  In case you don't already know this, Tom Sanderson plays a mean guitar.

March 13th. I reviewed Nik Cohn's "Awopbopaloobop, Alopbamboom, The Golden Age of Rock" in two parts. Cohn wrote the definitive history of rock and roll in 1969, which would be fine if rock and roll had died that year.  I also published a short story announcing Broken Bells' (James Mercer's collaboration with Danger Mouse) ep release "Meyrin Fields"

March 14th. Dropped the hammer on Brokencyde's then latest album "Will Never Die"... wishful thinking says I.

March 17th. Went against the grain by slamming Naomi's "Hurts" album. which I described as "abysmal, wretched to the point of despair, Hurts is aptly titled, the listening experience is ruthlessly painful." listen now and you can thank me later.

March 19th A review of Apricot Jam's "Preserved, Live @ The Fox Theatre" an excellent and underrated album. Lewi Longmire was and is one of the most gifted musicians to bust out of Albuquerque.

March 20th. The second part of my "book review" Nik Cohn's "Awopbopaloobop, Alopbamboom, The Golden Age of Rock"

March 25th. The definitive Boheims post, love me some Boheims!

March 26th. Dirt City Graphic, just an excuse for me to post something other than album reviews and retrospectives.

March 30th. A review of a book I found at Dollar Tree. Bob Greene is a mainstream hack, but with this bargain bin cast off "When We Get to Surf City" he spins the poignant and heartbreaking tale of Jan Berry and Dean Torrance.

March 31st. Dirt City Graphic.. The Beach Boys "Wild Honey" is the masterpiece that Brian Wilson was trying to make during the aborted "Smile" sessions, that comment still holds true.

Apr. 2nd.  Dirt City Graphic, I once wrote some poems that were published without my expressed written permission.

Apr. 3rd.  The long awaited return of That Dirt City Sound podcast. Episode 11 was delayed for months by the lack of funds needed to upgrade my podcast account. (Bring Back Dad, Allucaneat, Steve, Ant Farmers, Strawberry Zots etc.)

April 7th.   The Mettro Monologues, Jeff Mettling is legend in his own mind.

April 12th. Who Keeps Score? .....The only time you don't keep score is during practice.  Lorenzo Antonio, Albuquerque's homegrown pop idol has sold millions of albums in the Spanish speaking world (and a lot less everywhere else)

April 13th   Dirt City Graphic, kissing ass will get you places, but it also leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

April 14th.  Steve-Steve,   once upon a time there was a band named Steve, though it seems that none of the band members were named Steve.

April 17th.  Record Store Day,  life lesson #1 don't be a hero,  life lesson #2 never chase after two large Samoans boosting cassette tapes.

April 18th.  Dirt City Chronicles' is one year old.

April 19th.  That Dirt City Sound podcast,  Episode 12 (Lizard House, The Shins, The Muttz, Treadmill, Mumble etc.)  Went old school with this one.

April 21st.  A review of former Refrigerator's lead singer, Burton Jespersen's album "The Ride"

April 23rd. Dirt City Graphic, all revolutions will be televised, followed on Twitter and posted on Facebook.

April 24th. posted video from former Philisteens member, Mike Glover's Bright Blue Gorilla

April 25th. "Ye olde Crotch video" Jen Sincero pre- Jenny Clinkscales Band, fucking hilarious video complete with hair bikini and cameo appearance by Adam Ant.

April 26th.  A heartfelt tribute to Marian Joan Elliott-Said, our Poly Styrene. Other than the Clash, Poly and her band X-Ray Spex were the only English punk rockers I could relate to. "scrub away the entire day" rest in peace, luv.

April 27th. The Withdrawals, one of the  best bands to come out of Albuquerque. Keith Thomas could be the best male vocalist from Albuquerque and Andy Dunn could be the best guitarist. Give them a listen and then tell me if I'm wrong.

May 3rd. My goal for the month was to publish 30 posts in 31 days. A personal record that will stand the test of time, because I will never fucking do that again!  Oh! and I also wrote about the human migraine that is, My Genuine Find.

May 5th. Lost Cruces, I used my favorite Gertrude Stein quote to describe that loathsome burg, "It was not natural to have come from there, yes! write about it if you like or anything if you like, but not there, there is no there there."  As an afterthought I wrote about Ronnie Johnson a.k.a. Forever in the End (fucking stupid emo band names) a.k.a. The Sun.The Moon.The Sky.

May 7th. Mexico's gangsta music is often performed in front of real life gangsters, and can have a deadly side effect. Here's your guide to the narcocorrido scene south of the border. This post had long legs and thousands of hits.

May 11th. Dirt City Graphic, the whole new romance, pirate get-up, puffy shirt thing really hurt Adam Ant's legacy. His music and production, created in partnership with guitarist Marco Pirroni was fucking top notch.

May 13th. The Silver City Blues Festival was outstanding this year.  I also wrote about New Mexico blues musician and one man band, C.W. Ayon. Coop has forged a one man blues circuit in Southern New Mexico that could be the start of something special.

May 14th. Dirt City Chronicles, I live in Deming, but I write about Albuquerque... how the fuck is that possible?

May 15th. Train of Thought, a short and sweet musical retrospective about my home, Deming, N.M.

May 16th. Bob Forbes is a world renown guitarist who lives in Deming, New Mexico, surrounded by cacti, yuccas and scorpions.

May 21st.  Janos (formerly The Bends) is the brainchild of Carlos Trujillo and Levi Sainz. Trujillo's specialty is darkly humorous, chilling, perverted ballads about murder, death, suicide and necrophilia.  It comes natural to him, he grew up in T. or C.

May 22nd. The video for Black Friday by Yoda's House is the soundtrack for your childhood nightmares. "Late at night while you are sleeping, Mickey Dee he comes-a-creepin"  

May 23rd. A review of Mumble's Hepburn album, Mumble being iconic local musician Eric Johnson (Gutterleaves) Mike Gerwin & Steve Sargent.

May 24th. That Dirt City Sound podcast Episode 13, the world was supposed to end that day, it didn't. (Evol Lived, Vertigo Venus, The Scrams, Mark Moon, The Hollow Lines etc.)

May 26th. Dirt City Graphic, I once saw Van Halen in concert before they were really famous.... yawn!!

May. 28th. Horsefaced former NFL Qb. John Elway gets mad at Denver punk band for calling themselves Elway.

May 29th.  I would totally do Lorraine Lewis, and why not we're the same age. This post has over a thousand hits, I think it's because of the L.A. Nookie photo that displays Lorraine's best assets.

May 30th. That Dirt City Sound podcast Episode 14, a mix of local favorites that will put a smile on your face and a strut in 'yer walk (The Withdrawals, Janos, RedEyeC, The Surf Lords, D Numbers, CW Ayon, The Rum Fits)

June 2nd. Re-posted Episode 6 of That Dirt City Sound podcast, pure New Mexico Americana at it's finest (Fast Heart Mart, Hazeldine, The Grave of Nobody's Darling, Santa Fe All Stars, The Handsome Family etc.)

June 5th. A look at author, musician, Mark Ray Lewis, the driving force behind Trilobite. Plus there's the added bonus of my mini review of Mark's book "Long Sad River"

June 8th.  There was once a band from Taos, N.M. that wanted to be the next Red Hot Chili Peppers. They might have pulled if off, except as songwriters they made better preachers, luthiers  and natural herb hucksters. Silly rabbits, tricks is for pimps and ho's.

June 10th. Klaus Kinski was an evil genius.

June 17th. The Land of the Free 'zine,  fanzines are making a comeback, don't ask me why.
June 18th.  A couple of videos from Fast Heart Mart, one of which includes this great line, "the heat doesn't bother me, it's an excuse to move slow though this world" Amen!

June 20th. The border couldn't stop rock and roll from creeping south, Mexican teenagers caught the fever and soon they were sporting chinos and Beatle boots while doing a thousand dances.

June 25th. That Dirt City Sound podcast Episode 15, live and alternative recordings of various favorite musicians (Trilobite, Mary and Mars, Clampett Report, Saltine Ramblers, Fast Heart Mart, The Handsome Family etc.)

June 26th. Tenderizor- Touch the Sword,  more of an experiment than a review.

end of part one