Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Bangin' Screw Videos

 "Thangs Done Changed and Still Standing"

If you've been sippin' sizzurp and you're feeling a bit woozy, just take it slo mo and laconic, strap on some headphones and bang screw all day. "trunk full of bang like chains that i swang... stay trill pimp." Eleven years have passed since DJ Screw passed away.  He's still the originator, his memory lives on and everytime you press play he comes back to life.   RIP DJ Screw




Dirt City Chronicles is not turning into Rap City Chronicles, I just go where it takes me. Please accept my apologies, I truly intended to profile Houston rapper Chingo Bling, but I ran long with the drank & DJ Screw. I'll save Chingo for another day.    Pop Trunk Culeros!

Up next for Dirt City Chronicles is another episode of "That Dirt City Sound" podcast.