Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dirt City Graphic

What!.... you've never seen a unicorn before?

I lost my flash drive, or more likely it got tossed into the trash by my four year old niece. She has a habit of doing that, we've lost flash drives before along with cordless phones, countless spoons, forks, butter knives etc. I questioned her about it, but she just yelled "I didn't do it" and covered her face with her hands, just like her damned mother.

When I first started blogging, I would type out my articles directly onto the blog as new posts. It worked fine on Blogger, but when I switched over to Webs.Com I learned a hard lesson. I started working on a story for my now abandoned blog "Argonauts and 40 Niners" (which ironically was about abandoned places.) 

I hammered out hundreds of words, downloaded pictures, edited, rewrote and spell checked. Then to my horror,  when I went to publish, a message popped up telling me that I had timed out and all that hard work vanished into thin air. To this day I fucking hate Webs.Com. Lesson learned: type out articles on Word Pad first, store on desktop or in documents and then transfer copy to flash drive. 

Almost everything I had written for Dirt City Chronicles over the last six months was on that portable drive. Thankfully, I have copies stored in my documents file, albeit rough drafts that in some cases barely resemble the finished work. That drive was my buddy in fact, every morning upon leaving the house, I would pat my pocket to make sure it was there.

It was a 1 GB Geek Squad drive that I purchased at Best Buy as a two pack. It was beat to hell, the lettering had rubbed off, I had bent the USB input jack a few times and it was dirty. I probably have at least 50 flash drives at home, so it seems stupid to feel sentimental over this one, but I do.
I had one story saved that I was working on for Fear of Agraphia, my dagwood sandwich blog. It wasn't backed up, although I found a rough draft in the recycle bin of my work computer (don't tell my boss, but my job affords me time to write) I reconstructed the story, actually improving on the original final draft, so it worked out ok.

I have a brand new flash drive, it's a SanDisk 2 GB, I hated it at first but it's starting to grow on me.  It's the first thing that goes into my pockets in the morning, I never leave home without it.


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 I didn't talk much about music on this post, so here's some more tracks from Santa Fe bands.