Sunday, October 2, 2011

That Dirt City Sound Episode 20

"That Dirt City Sound" Episode 20 is 20 bangin' tracks of pure 'Burque hip hop. As my little nephew once told me, "Doesn't trilogy mean a set of three?" Smart boy that nephew of mine, I taught him half of what he knows.  Let's just call this a Dirt City Trilogy, sorta like a Baker's Dozen, and you know that extra one is always the best. 

These are songs that deal with the endless cycle of gang violence and retribution.  True tales from the city and about the city, presented by those who live and die in 'Burque. If you look past the gang posturing, it becomes apparent that these artists have a great love for Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Here's to peace between the north and south, the red and blue, the east and west. Let us wish for a world where color is not a distinction, be it bandanas, hats or skin. Keep in mind that it takes a lot more energy to be a hater than to simply co-exist with your neighbors.