Sunday, September 25, 2011

Albucrazy Videos

Why? because this is also who we are. The part of town everyone avoids, the people we pretend not to see. Albuquerque is all of that, so give me some Albucrazy love.... come 'on bitches, where's my big 'Burque hug!

Here's a couple from Juan Gambino, New Mexico's homegrown rapper. He doesn't get much love in the Dirt City, although he shows nothing but love for 'Burque. 

The first video is in response to some "diss" videos put out by Hi Power Productions of Los Angeles. Gambino has been embroiled in a feud with that label and its roster of "street rappers" for a couple of years. Throw in a side feud with Big Lokote and it makes for high drama and some funny ass videos. 

On the second video, Juan Gambino shows the City of Albuquerque some love "Albucrazy Luv" Is it me or does he sound like Elmer Fudd on this one?

The third video is from The Blok Boys featuring Romero and Mateo celebrating all that's good about the Duke City and all that's badass!




Coming up next on Dirt City Chronicles:
The third installment in my Rap Music trilogy. "Down with the Clowns", a look at Insane Clown Posse and the Juggalos was the first. "America's Least Wanted", a rundown on Hi Power Entertainment, Capone-E and all the drama that surrounds them was the second. The final article will cover Chingo Bling and The Houston cult of the purple drank syrup, all chopped and skrewed just like they do it on the Buffalo Bayou.