Friday, July 8, 2011

Shang-a-Lang--Sad Magic

From the garden spot of the great southwest, Lost Cruces: Chris Mason and Shang-a-Lang with  "Sad Magic" their latest release. This is essentially a greatest hits collection, a convenient packaging of the band's best tunes. Thirteen tracks of high energy punk rock in under 21 minutes, these fellas are not dicking around!  In the right hands, in the right studio with the right producer "Someday We'll Get There" would be a hit...I know this!  After all these years, Chris Mason is still angry and determined enough, to make us give a fuck...


1.nasty weather
2.the woods
3 im tired
4 be good to your mom
5 get outta town
6 someday we'll get there
7 new year
8 best intentions
9 best summer ever
10 its not you
11 passive aggressive
12 sad magic
13 log jammer