Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dirt City Graphic

Dirt City Chronicles passed a milestone recently. Blogger has a sidebar feature where I can keep track of the most popular posts. Since I added this app, an article featuring Albucrazy crunksters Brokencyde (Nov. 8th 2010) had sat at the top of the list. This month a story on Zach Condon knocked them from the top spot. Does this say something about Mr. Condon's fan base, or has Brokencyde's popularity finally peaked?

Though, the changing of the guard probably bears little significance, that blowtorch roasting of Brokencyde made this blog.  At the time that I posted that story, Dirt City Chronicles was going nowhere. Then, something happened, I started to get more hits than usual (a dozen per day was the norm) I was dumbfounded, till I realized that someone was following my blog, Samara at Crash (Blank).

Upon further investigation I found out she had mentioned Dirt City Chronicles on her blog, that accounted for the spike in hits. I'm truly grateful, at that point I was ready to drop the music angle and stick to writing about ghost towns and abandoned mines.  I've published articles that have taken 3-4 weeks to write and something that I knocked off in one hour proves to be the most popular. (1 hr. tops, for research, writing, editing, downloading images and publishing)

I don't hate Brokencyde, My Genuine Find or other artists that I've taken to task for the unpardonable sin of sucking ass. They do their thing and I do mine. When you release music or perform live, criticism comes with the territory. These guys know they're shamefully pandering to the musical taste of pre-teens.  History has shown us that teenie idols always get their balls nailed to the wall by music critics.

Timberlake and Bieber are just the latest examples, and yes Brokencyde falls right in with them. They may think otherwise, but the biological clock is ticking on their musical careers. These motherfuckers ain't ICP, their fans won't grow old and paunchy with them. The next batch of ruthless juveniles isn't buying the act, and that doesn't bode well for Brokencyde.  Anyhow...we always knew they had the life expectancy of a cockroach.

In a strange way, it feels like a victory... Zach Condon, a real musician sits at the top of the list.
I feel vindicated, now I know how George W. felt standing on that aircraft carrier  in  his  jumpsuit.

Mission Accomplished? not yet!, that post where I curb stomped My Genuine Find without mercy, keeps creeping up the list. There's no rest for music critics and the wicked....shit! like there's any difference.