Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Light Cameras- Convertible

There's trying and then..there's trying too hard. Red Light Cameras try too hard. The video for Convertible is a "been there, done that" grab bag of cliches. The Thelma and Louise theme has been used nauseum, but that's just for starters, we also get douchebaggery, a troop of sexy dancers, violence, guns, cars and a hint of girl on girl action and it's not even a rap video. Did I mention that the car is a Mercedes Benz... Oh Lord!.. won't you sponsor our video shoot.  

The video opens with Lovitz motoring down desolation boulevard, he's the epitomy of a scum bag misogynist, the only thing missing is the Blackberry. Once upon a time, rocking a Blackberry on your ear was the ultimate douche bag status symbol. However, with all the "hands free" laws in place now, that's no longer the case, now they tend to blend in.

In the middle of fucking nowhere, Lovitz picks up a rough looking gal named Growly, down the road he's finds Sad Girl, a crazed meth head who's blocking the way, he stops, they pistol whip him and then force him into the trunk. After a quick drive out to the desert, they beat him like a fucking pinata, before Sad Girl takes a shovel to his cranium. 

While I admire their Little Rascals "Let's make a movie" spirit, the entire effort overshadows the band's music. Growly growls and purrs like a pissed off lioness. Sad Girl pounds the skins like she means them harm. Mike & Chris hammer their axes into submission and Barney...well he's there too. The band is tight, the music is good, they have never sounded better.

However, it's all for naught, the only lasting image from the video is Sad Girl caving in Lovitz's skull.   Yeah! the girls do bring sexy back, if you're turned on by staring into the business end of a loaded handgun. As Lorraine Lewis might say "Sex sells! and mo' sex, sells mo' music."  If violence sold anything, Bill Cosby would be killing motherfuckers on those Jello Puddin' commercials, boy howdy!  Now, if you don't mind... I've gotta go.. Dialing for Dollars is trying to find me.