Friday, June 17, 2011

The Land of the Free 'zine

Gratuitous plug seconds: The latest issue of Wig Wam Bam is out!, get your copy today.... it'll change your life.

Since 1998, Capt America has at his own risk (and seemingly at his own expense, since the 'zine is free) ventured into the dimly lit dives of Albuquerque to review local concerts. He's also a contributor to The Weekly Alibi, giving that publication some badly needed street cred. However, I come not to kiss his ass, but to praise him. There's only so many hours in a day, so I'm amazed every time he puts out another issue.
In his own words: " Wig Wam Bam (by Captain America) is finally reviewing shows you may have seen a year ago  (which, lucky for me, you can’t recall so I can make up facts with impunity)"  Yep! all truth is subject to interpretation, nobody knows anymore than anybody else.

Recently, I sent a link to our beloved Capt., it was a rock band either named Capt. America or playing a song called Capt. America, anyhow, he explained that people send him all types of Capt. America related stuff. With this in mind, I dug up this old photo from the archives at Klaus Kinski Kronikles. "I bet he doesn't have this one!" There's some history & trivia behind it:

Taking a cue from the American propaganda machine, the Third Reich responded to Capt. America with their own Capt. Aryan. "Our asses will not be kicked across the pages of cartoon picture books" exclaimed Joseph Goebbels "We will have our own super hero" To go with the comic book, a casting call was held for a real life version. The part went to a young Wehrmacht soldier named Nikolaus Karl Günther Nakszyński, but we'll just call him Klaus Kinski. Though born in Poland and only half German, his incredible acting skills earned him the role and as Goebbels explained "The mask will hide most of his ugly face" to which Kinski replied "I fear that it will hide what is most repulsive on the outside, but not on the inside" Capt Aryan schlepped across the Deutschland, kissing blonde babies, handing out knockwurst and visiting concentration camps to cheer up the guards. Alas, the good Captain had a character flaw, he was crazy as fuck. Trouble and scandal just seemed to follow him, finally an SS officer caught him putting his noodle in the strudel of the wrong Fraulein and shot him in the buttocks. After his recovery, Kinski was stripped of his rank and shipped off to the front. Any mention of Capt. Aryan was verboten, he was soon forgotten. With the tide of war turning against them, Germans had other things on their minds.

We Salute You! Capt. America, thank you for keeping Democracy totally American and publishing a bitchin' fanzine.