Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dirt City Graphic

I have a new feature up and running, Dirt City Graphic will contain scattershot musings and rambling thoughts, all within a New Mexico centric parameter. There are two other features that  I post at sporadic intervals, "Blast From The Past" and "They Passed this Way" but both are drying up faster than Elephant Butte during a sustained drought. I was going to use Dirt City Graphic as an outlet to write about politics and non-music related rants. I chose not to do that, I have another blog that I can use to rage against the machine. Dirt City Chronicles is about music and musicians, the focus will remain the same.  I tried out  a feature from Playlist.Com where you can share your playlists with your blog. I found a few bands with New Mexico connections available, but when I tried to add songs from my own collection it quit working, so I was forced to scrap it.  A quick  disclaimer: all the music that I post is available online from other sources, You Tube, My Space Music or band websites. All I've done is gathered it into one convenient source for your listening pleasure.  Just think of Dirt City Chronicles as the Reader's Digest of Albuquerque music. All fuddy duddy and shit just like dear old gramps.
I've been fighting a bad case of  blogger's remorse, that's when you post something and then immediately regret doing it. Thankfully there's a cure for it, I'm notorious for editing after I've posted. I'll read through my blog and if I find something that doesn't chop wood or fetch water, I'll remove it.  I don't know if that's good or bad or if it violates some unwritten rule of total music bloggage. There are a number of really good blogs out there that cover the current scene, they have better access to the venues and musicians. I can't compete with them at that level, not that it's a competition. The writers that cover the Albuquerque music scene are a gifted bunch, every bit as talented as the musicians themselves, some are actually musicians.  Creativity like water finds it's own level you don't see too many musicians gravitating towards sports writing.  I do Facebook, it is what it is, a handy bulletin board or a mailbox. I follow a couple of bands, some radio personalities, radio stations, sports teams and of course my fellow bloggers. On Erica Viking's Facebook page she posted a picture of herself, Big Benny and two big guys who resemble massive wads of bubblegum. I commented "Beauty surrounded by a whole lotta ugly, those guys have faces made for radio" she responded "That's mean! lol" It was meant as a joke and those are not good looking guys. In times like these people tend to get hyper-sensitive, any remark is taken as an insult or a personal affront to someone's manhood. I think it's time to ease up on the throttle, if hate is the new mean, then intensity is the gateway drug of haters.  Ah! Spring is almost here, I love it and yet I hate it... Batter, Batter.....Swing! that's strike three, I am out.