Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broken Bells-Meyrin Fields

The collaboration between Albuquerque's stubble faced favorite step son, James Mercer and Danger Mouse, did not result in the huge hit everyone anticipated. Not that the album "Broken Bells" wasn't good, it was excellent, maybe some of the best music James has recorded. Broken Bells is still Danger Mouse and James Mercer, their latest release "Meyrin Fields," is a four-song EP, it will hit outlets on March 29.  It contains two previously unreleased tunes "Windows" and "Heartless Empire," plus two other tracks.  Mercer's once proud baby boys, The Shins have now grown into  moody and neglected pre-teens. After a sudden line-up change and with their Sub Pop  contract expired, he signed them to his own vanity label, Aural Apothecary. While James keeps assuring us that more new music is coming from The Shins, Broken Bells is the now the apple of his eyes.  While on the subject of The Shins, has anyone seen Marty or Jesse? Musically speaking they have vanished like the proverbial wind. I must say fellas you're still young and in your prime, "Strong like bulls! and drunk like monkeys"  A.A. is just a phone call away, put a new band together already!  I miss Marty's keyboard runs and Jesse's sloppy drums, they were fun, they had style, which is more than I can say for the duds (with the exception of Dave, if he's still on board) that now make-up the band. "The Shins, they'll change your life" yeah then James will gut them and leave you scratching your head. Oh! before I forget, where's that album of remixed Flake Music tracks? cough it up James, we've waited long enough.