Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleaze Rock

With this edition of Sleaze Rock I’m cutting against the grain.  Not all sleaze rock videos flaunt their dubious artistic value.  Some are asininely obfuscating in subtle ways, others are idiotically monotonous, simplistic and ill conceived. While some may shower them with praise, I call them on their shit. Keeping 'em on their toes, that's what I do.

This sleaze rock special.... yawnnn!... is Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All,  Should staying awake through an entire song be this hard? The bunny suits are inspired, can't say the same about the music.  Sonnets for somnambulists and nonpathologic reverie... zzzzzzz! Top YouTube Comment:  "i am covered in dirt, semen, and confusion. how else would you enjoy this music." think9 

This sleaze rock special is Crookers, an Italian DJ duo who pretend that it's 1987 and break dancing is still the shit. This mix track is "Lick my Lennon" (something got lost in the translation, again!) and it's plain to see that  they've never met a beat they haven't jacked. Top YouTube Comments: "the track is actually called limonare.... Limonareee!"  =D clowntju

This sleaze rock special is While She Sleeps' "Be (lie)ve" is it Metal? no it's muddled, chicken shit caterwauling, derivative, unoriginal, piss stained, gob spitting, bullshit hardcore. On the bright side "Fuck the bridge, we built the border" would make for a snappy Taco Bell slogan. Top YouTube Comment: "Sir, I can tell are a connoisseur of music by the way you spell cack" chrisontheworld

This sleaze rock special is the Deutschen tekno-screamo band Centhron's " Dreckstück "  the girl does her best  Elaine Benes imitation, while rocking 3" platforms. Her poofy partner disproves the theory that all Asians are cool. Top YouTube Comment: "Entschuldigen Sie, steht vielleicht 'Fick mich!' auf meiner Stirn geschrieben?, hehe... ich schreibe jetzt deutsch weil ihr mich nicht versteht"