Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleaze Rock

Oh Boy! it's time for another edition of that guilty pleasure I call Sleaze Rock. No academic pretensions here, just talking smack and capping on bad music videos. I remind you that all YouTube comments posted are actual comments (spelling errors intact) and those are actual YouTube user names. Seriously!, benuranusdover, winstonchuchill, jamgoskat334 ..... like  I could make that shit up.

This sleaze rock special is "Happiness" by Pacifist, and it's a fucking bonafide tard fest of bad taste.  A  double ended rubber dildo as a musical instrument and the pedobear? Nothing could be this bad without some effort and they do get an A+ for effort. Top YouTube Comment: "I came to see some lesbian porn not some crappy ass band playing with dildos"  Benuranusdover

This sleaze rock special has us Surrounded By Monsters,  "Dr Phuck" features some guy who looks just like the bastard love child of Kyle Orton & Tom Green. Gruntcore at its absolute worst, hits your eardrums like a sharp icepick. Top YouTube Comment: "Great just what we need, fucking hipstercore. I don't want to live on this planet anymore" winstonchuchill

This sleaze rock special is iwrestledabearonce - "You know that ain't them dogs' real voices" Women shouldn't grunt like that, unless they're playing tennis or pulling a plow.  Yet, I feel strangely compelled to go into the kitchen and make this bitch a sandwich. Top You Tube Comment:  "i jizz from how much i love heer voice haha and i usually dont say stupid shit like that" jamgoskat334

This sleaze rock special features some familiar faces, 'Burque's own tube sock stuffers, Brokencyde with  "Freaxxx" This isn't new but it still sucks the corn out of a pig's ass. Ha! you know that ain't them gurls' real voices!  Top YouTube comment: .. "ima cheerleader and i love pink ...but i also like screamo.... so open your fucking mind before yo mouth" moniquefoster