Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleaze Rock

Shabby,  dirty,  vulgar and tawdry. It's time for another edition of Dirt City Chronicle's "Sleaze Rock Specials."  I Love YouTube, let me count the ways... 1, 2, 3, 4  as in four morally suspect videos of shoddy quality. Go ahead and watch them, what happens in the Dirt City stays in the Dirt City.

This sleaze rock special is S.mouse! with "Poo on You" (the less said about it, the better ) S.mouse! is a fictional character from Angry Boys,  an Australian mockumentary. He's actually Chris Lilley, who's white and performs in blackface while wearing an afro wig.  Poo on him. Top You Tube Comment: "Yes I'm totally singing this fo da talet show XD"    MrNonvadidness

This sleaze rock special is a sordid, wide eyed "All Tomorrow's Parties" performed by Nico. The Teutonic  titwillow channels Bernadette Peters, it's damn near sacrilegous to bag on Nico, but this should prove once and for all that heroin does not enhance an artist's performance. Top YouTube Comment:  "Baked or not, I think her biggest problems here are an indifferent audience who won't shut up" mramone

This sleaze rock special features the trite hipster caterwauling of Our Broken Garden - Seven Wild Horses - In The Woods. Now we know why the Blair Witch was pissed off. Listening to this is like trying to taste air.  3:10 of droning vocals does not make for good music. Top YouTube Comment: "No more hipster videos in Beechtree forests please" theekrusher

This sleaze rock special crosses the line from sleaziness to crass ignorance. Let's not forget that Hitler was Austrian, as is  Nachtmahr (Thomas Rainer)  "Mein Name" is chock full of pseudo Nazi imagery. It could be parody or ironic satire, either way it's in poor fucking taste.  Top YouTube Comment: Ihr zerstört die Gesellschaft mit eurem Monotonen dummen Denken