Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleaze Rock

Sleaze Rock, is a new feature at Dirt City Chronicles. It's inspired by  former Albuquerque resident Mike Judge, and his cartoon characters, Beevis & Butthead who always took great pleasure in skewering music videos of dubious quality. While I like to think that I have a discerning ear for good music, I'm also a big fan of bad music. The worse, the better and there's no shortage of horrendously  ill advised music videos on You Tube

This sleaze rock special is the vomit inducing ditty "Capricorn Girl" from Electric Black Horse. Hijinks and shenanigans ensue as these guys give the middle finger to good taste and the general public.  That lead singer is not fooling anyone, he's not a stud, he's a chipmunk. Top YouTube comment:  " i know these guys well, the things they do behind closed doors are sick i tell ya, sick" fullertonslim

This sleaze rock special comes to us from South Africa's Juggernaught. No goat is safe when these shirtless madmen are about.  At the end they unearth their forgotten past, (back when) they were a synthpop band doing cover versions of Ministry's "With Sympathy" Top YouTube comment: "I didn't realize that the word "beard" could be used to describe a sound" pyrewulf

This sleaze rock special: The White Trash Cowboys present their self titled opus du pew (from the same guys that brought you "Hey Numbnuts") Giving white trash a bad name and proud of it. This is what happens when the family tree doesn't branch. Top YouTube comment:  "these guys and texas hippie coalition should do a show where the bar burns down."  chokeonit

This sleaze rock special is a duet from bi-polar afflicted Emilie Autumn and limp dick depression sufferer Spreng of ASP,  who poses the question ''willst du mich leiden sehen?'' or ''do you want to see me suffer?" .... and after this you will, in the worse way!  Top YouTube comment: "Uneducated indoctrinated weak-minded wretches. If you weren't so disgusting i would feel sorry for your brains"  jbac13