Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 41

The third installment in a three part series showcasing the women involved in Albuquerque's music scene is cued up and ready to spin. Until the late 1990s few women were involved in the local music scene and only a handful managed to release any recordings. Prior to that it was strictly a boy's club with a few rare exceptions. Beverlee Brown joined future husband Sidro Garcia in The Sneakers shortly before they relocated to Las Vegas, Nv. in 1964. The Feebeez ('Burque's legendary all-girl 60s garage band) recorded legacy consists of one scratchy self-released vinyl 45) Kid Sister w/ Victoria Woodworth are a bit of mystery. Bandmine lists them as being from Albuquerque and having been signed by MCA records. Yet, I haven't found much evidence that they actually were from 'Burque. Kid Sister rose to become a regional favorite based in Denver, Co. Could be they hooked up with Victoria Woodworth (raised in Denver) after they relocated.

Who of course, doesn't remember Femme Fatale, fronted by Lorraine Lewis (also lead singer for Babe Ruthless) they found success on a national level that few thought attainable for a local band. That success would prove to be short lived and bittersweet. Lorraine remains one of the most recognizable musicians to hail from the Duke City, becoming somewhat of a cult figure with heshers hellbent on reliving the 1980s. While we're on the subject. Twenty five years after the fact, Femme Fatale's aborted second album for MCA has seen the light of day. "One More For The Road" released this year on F n A Records. (compact disc only, no plans for a vinyl release) Lorraine, Bobby, Rick, Bill and Maz.... it's like they never left us. A time capsule from an era of Albuquerque's rock history that often gets neglected or lampooned. “One More For the Road” appears to have been released in limited quantities, check online for availability.

I would be negligent not to mention some other pioneering women on the local scene. Linda Cotton, blues/jazz/gospel singer was a local fixture for more than twenty five years. One of New Mexico's best known female vocalist, Cotton passed away at just 55 years of age in 2006. Hillary Smith, a native of Hobbs, N.M. and a contemporary of Linda Cotton, has been wowing New Mexico audiences for a quarter century. Best known for her work with Soul Kitchen (w/Chris Dracup of The Muttz & The Rattle Cats) and hONEyhoUSe (w/Mandy Buchanan and Yvonne Perea) Seriously, if you've never listened to Hillary Smith.... you need hit up YouTube and check out some of her videos. Some other notable female vocalists from the same era: Joanie Griffin (Cadillac Bob and the Rhinestones) Denise Brissey (The Planets) Denise Wollman (The Clams) 

Sometimes work and such gets in the way of posting new episodes, but at long last here we go; Dirt City Chronicles, podcast episode 41, featuring the women that make Albuquerque rock. Boy Howdy!

Voice 7 ~ Lady Uranium
Dustland II ~ Lady Uranium
Sleep With the Lights On ~ 5 Star Motelles
Brickspit ~ Star Canyon
Like a Prayer ~ The Rondelles
All Burned Down ~ Paint Me Purple
Less Okay Than Yesterday ~ The Hollis Wake
K is for Killers ~ I is for Ida
Jukeboxx Button ~ The Foxx
Sugar ~ YaYa Boom
I'm Your Huckleberry ~ Giranimals
Mellow Kin ~ Feels Like Sunday
What About Me? ~ The Jenny Clinkscale Band
You Killed Private Pyle ~ Foma
Whalebone ~ The Glass Menageries
Sitting on my Hands ~ Holiday Sail
Fil ~ Hit By a Bus