Monday, August 10, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 25

I'm a miner searching for that mother lode of 'Burque's rock & roll gold. I've searched the world wide web, compiling a playlist that includes every 1960s Albuquerque/New Mexico band that I could dredge up. It's a fairly comprehensive look at an under appreciated period of 'Burque musical history. This is good stuff... fuzz laden garage punk rave ups, teener bop and moody sixties psychedelia. All products of homespun Albuquerque record labels, Lance, La Vette, Hurricane, Delta, Mortician. Mid-Sixties garage bands are now most often described as "garage rock," sometimes as "garage punk," "'60s punk," though at the time it had no specific name. It wasn't until the release of the 1972 compilation album, Nuggets, compiled by Lenny Kaye, that music fans and collectors began to define the style.

Garage rock peaked commercially and artistically around 1966-67, which coincides with the period most of 'Burque's garage bands thrived. Gilesi over at the amazing music blog “Cosmic Minds at Play” once mused about the Duke City garage band scene in 1960s: “I have no idea what Albuquerque, New Mexico was like as a place to live in the mid 60s but it certainly seems to have had more than its fair share of top class garage bands, so I can only assume that there was a wild scene going on among its young denizens.” 

Disclaimer: I know no more than the guy that knows next to nothing who knows less than the guy that knows everything. The band info and recordings I've compiled are from various online sources: Dick Stewart and The Lance Record website. Vintage Bands of Albuquerque's Facebook page, Vinnie G's YouTube channel “mrmusico1000”, the curiously named YouTube channel “puppetmastertoday” Vic Gabrielle who was there as it happened. Garage and Having spent countless hours scrolling through microfilm archives and digging through bins searching for “local” music. I can attest to the fact that the internet makes the job much easier. Visit these sites, subscribe, comment, or in Dick Stewart's case... buy something. I'm saving up to buy the Lance Records newsletter collection on cd-rom for $39 U.S. Dollars or 800 Mexican pesos at the current rate of exchange.

Double Crossin' Girl- The Fe Fi Four Plus 2
My Baby Done Left Me- Lindy & The Lavells
I Don't Need You- King Richard & The Knights
We Tried Try It- The Morfomen
Paper Place- Lincoln St. Exit
I'm Over You- The Kreeg
I Wanna Get Back (From the World of LSD)- The Fe Fi Four Plus 2
Stop- The Burgundy Runn
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore- The Chob
Midnight Hour- The Berrys
Little Latin Lupe Lu- The Morticians
Codine- The Fireballs w/ Jimmy Gilmer
Sorrow- The Striders
Why- King Richard & The Knights
You Ain't Tuff- Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells
Mojo Workout- The Monkey Men
Impressin- The Kreeg
Baby Blue- The Beckett Quintet
Door Banger- The Kingpins
Precision- The Knights
The Bummer- Lincoln St. Exit
Bullmoose- The Fireballs w/ Jimmy Gilmer
Run Girl Run- The Morfomen
Stepping Stone- The Chob