Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 19

And the Hits just keep on comin'....  Just before Flake Music segued into The Shins, 'Burque's music scene was caught in a quandary brought about by the numerous stops, starts and near misses that had raised hopes that one day soon a band would bust out of Albuquerque. Only to see those hopes dashed, time and again.  What to do?

The garage band model was out, replaced by visionary bedroom savants armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the current indie rock scene, working their magic at home before springing their twisted tweaker tunes on the masses.  New was back, because newer is always better, that's the American way.  A new generation of musicians feeding the pipeline, but with more ambition, confidence and intuitive skill. The Libertines upon the scene, thumbing their noses at the kings of corporate cool. Not that anyone of them would have turned down a deal  from a major label.

“Men haunted by a vision of great achievement, who cannot be bothered with conventional success, because they reach for transcendence” It's delusional, I know. It's a New Mexican condition, the desperate need for validation from the rest of the nation. The need to join the major leagues. UNM athletics (men's basketball in particular) pursues this as an act of sheer folly and quixotic madness, resulting in a sense of gratification equivalent to that of drilling a dry hole in Little Texas.

After Nirvana broke, every Seattle band wearing flannel (which is to say most of them) suddenly found themselves entertaining offers from corporate Satan. Why wasn't that happening in Albuquerque? Who would be the first penguin reckless enough to break the ice?

The music industry insiders working the business end, men with nothing creative to offer, yet deemed important to the process  had dropped the ball. The system let everyone down, which is fine because that system is fucked up beyond all recognition now.  Digital downloads (both legal and illegal) having sheared the bolts that held the machinery together, sinking the conventional music industry faster than your hopes for getting laid at your prima's  Quinceañera.    

Say Don't Spray It:
A snarky homage to the music of our homeland    ~ Panza de Leon ~
Nothing if not persistent    ~ Battle Station Zerox ~
Sturm und Drang   ~ Klaus Kinski Kronikles ~
Just a spud boy searching out the meaning of life   ~ Lick ~
“An infinite scream passing through nature, oozing past like an amplified lowrider.  A transcendent soundscape for our angst filled days, exploding with brooding fury and hot buffalo breath passion.   ~ Dirt City Chronicles ~

Ray of Light- Monster Paws
Through One Eye and Out the Other- Your Name in Lights
Dreams- Unit 7 Drain
Field of Fire- The Oktober People
Have You Ever Been Afraid of the Future- Lousy Robot
Everything Is- Sad Baby Wolf
Eye Bear- Gingerbread Patriots
When I Had it All- Monster Paws
Into the Sun- Mondo Vibrations
Cross My Heart and Hope You Die- Lousy Robot
Brighter, Brightest- Your Name in Lights
Takes You Down- Unit 7 Drain
Suicide Shy- The Oktober People
Big Grrr Things- Gingerbread Patriots
Let the Morning Come- Mondo Vibrations
King of Whiskey Throne- Lousy Robot