Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dirt City Chronicles podcast episode 2

Albuquerque, N.M. “Mile High and Loud as Hell” 
Dirt City Chronicles is a gritty, low budget repository of local music plucked from dusty archives. So, sit back, pick the grit out your teeth and tap along to an eclectic cacophony of original music, thirty plus years in the making.

You really didn't have to live in Albuquerque during this time to appreciate the music here. A few "name" bands plus a few delicious obscurities that skirt and stretch the limits of genre tags and definitions. Great moments of inspired heart on your sleeve punk rock, Farfisa rave ups, fuzz guitar and pop punk gems. 21 lean, mean tunes crammed into less than an hour's time. A glorious noise indeed.

Burning Bag- The Gracchi
12 Pack Lovin'- The Rum Fits
Goat Throat- The Scrams
Bang Straight Back- Pan!c
Pretty Rocket- Botnix
Spy vs. Spy- Vertigo Venus
Time Bomb- Sin Serenade
Strike Out- The Rondelles
Ditch Troll- Racist Cop
Beefcake in Chains- Beefcake in Chains
Everybody Down- Vertigo Venus
Molasses- The Scrams
Vomit Rocket- Pan!c
Gone on Gone- Sin Serenade
Action Figure- The Dirty Hearts
Situation- The Gracchi
About that Girl next door- The Meek
Automatic- Scared of Chaka
I Like to Die- The Drags
Pops- Bigdamncrazyweight
Minneapolis- Bring Back Dad