Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sleaze Rock

Thirty One days into 2013, here's my first post of the New Year.... Sleaze Rock!  First up is Akercocke, which sounds more like the results of a boisterous round of rochambeau than a rock band. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, musical or otherwise from these English satanic worshipers. The Mystica Girls revolve around the duo of Red Jane and Black Cat (supported by a an ever changing cast of drummers and bass players) They're scrawny skeezers, but safe as mother's milk and twice as bland.  Oliver Sykes, the main singer/vocalist for Bring me the Horizon was the subject of  McCartneyesque death rumors. Some web prankster had dutifully dished out the news of Oliver's untimely and mysterious death. The whole thing was a sham, probably concocted to promote Oliver's Drop Dead Clothing line. Last and very much least is Dead by April.... rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.     

This sleaze rock special is Akercocke - Leviathan. Hardcore for old timers or just some randy geezers with the blue ball itch? Progressive blackened death metal from England, heavy on the sex and satanic overtones. Top YouTube comment: "Hair, drums, guitars and a semi naked hot chick, too many bands get that formula wrong these days"    drkj3di

This sleaze rock special comes from the Mystica Girls- Metal Rose. An all female metal band from Mexico that revolves around Red Jane (bass) & Black Cat (guitar) weak generic metal played too damn slow. Heads would roll after this video flopped. Top You Tube Comment: "Se visten de negro, se hacen tatuajes, etc; y ya dicen que les gusta el Metal. u,u" JhoanaArciniegas


This sleaze rock special is Bring me the Horizon's Pray for Plagues. Underwhelming crowd reaction, despite Oliver Sykes' (wearing a hipster hoopster Bulls jersey) beseeching them to form a circle pit here and a circle pit there.  Amy Winehouse died for your sins, Ollie... you know that. Top YouTube Comment: "Lol you are clearly un-educated on proper wording" rseagles14

This sleaze rock special is Dead by April's Angels of Clarity. Having said that they would be dead by April, they've failed to follow through. Lame, bow legged Linkin Park clones, the screamed vocals sound like a constipated Elmer Fudd "Fwankwy, ignowance is the best policy" Top YouTube Comment: "This band is too heavy for me they have 2 mohawks" flipsk8er117