Monday, December 17, 2012

Lucky Fun Time Party

During 2012 nothing captured the moment quite like "Gangnam Style", but does that mindlessly inoffensive K-Pop tune signal  the apocalyptic end of all ends?  In a world where too many people have too much time on their hands, someone did the research. Nostradamus, who's predictions are always on the mark when viewed in retrospect, predicted that the calm morning, a dancing horse and nine zeroes would beckon the end of the world.

That worldwide dance craze known as "Gangnam Style" is infectiously appealing, thanks mostly to Korean pop singer PSY's "horsey dance" One plus Nine zeroes equals a billion, the number of views that the song (already the most viewed video ever) will soon have on YouTube.  If that's not enought to make you think... WTF?..... Korea, the birthplace of  "Gangnam Style" is also known as the "Land of the Morning Calm"

Relate this to the apocalyptic prophesy of the Mayan Calendar (the end will come on Dec. 21, 2012) and you have a zany shitstorm of end times conspiracy fodder.  Just think, YouTube is now the ticking clock that's counting down towards the end of life as we know it.  All along, we thought that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the devil, when in fact it was PSY, a bland, dorky K-Pop rapper.  Who the fuck is this guy and what the fuck is Gangnam Style?

"Gangnam Style" is a geeky celebration of having it all.... youth, money, time, women, style, attitude.  South Korea is rarely noted for being cool or fashionable, but for the first time in history they set the trend. "Gangnam Style" sports a sense of swagger that cuts across language barriers and cultural differences. It's the song that launched a thousands memes, parodies and led to grown ass,  white American males trotting around like a pony.

PSY is Park Jae-sang, a thirty five year old entertainer, from an affluent South Korean family. PSY grew up in Seoul's Gangnam District, as a teen, he enrolled at Boston University in 1996 intending to study business administration. He then attended Berklee College of Music for a short period of time before returning to South Korea to pursue a career in music. Prior to the release of "Gangnam Style", PSY had topped domestic (South Korean) music charts half a dozen times.

In July 2012, PSY released his sixth album PSY 6 (Six Rules), which includes he song Gangnam Style. By August the song ranked first on YouTube's 'Most Viewed Videos' monthly chart and officially charted #1 on the iTunes Music Video Charts. The inspiration for the song, Gangnam, literally means "south of the (Han) river" it's one of the most populous and affluent districts in Seoul. It's roughly the South Korean equivalent of Beverly Hills.

Even as PSY hobnobbed with dignitaries and A-list celebrities (he met with President Obama) his past revealed some rather unpleasant details. In 2002 at the height of anti-American protests over the death of two South Korean schoolgirls, who were struck by a U.S. military convoy. PSY performed at an anti-American rally (covered in gold body paint) during which he  "lifted up a model of an M2 Bradley IFV and smashed it against the stage"

Following the kidnapping and beheading of a South Korean missionary in Iraq, PSY took the stage at yet another anti-American concert. (the Korean version of Lollapalooza) He joined South Korean rock band N.EX.T.  in singing "Dear American", a snappy little tune that spurs their countrymen to "kill those fucking Yankees, who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered then to torture"

"Kill them all slowly and painfully, as well as daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers" Hey Mister!.... that's not cool at all. PSY hates Americans, but loves their dollars. He eventually issued a half-assed apology to American servicemen (many of whom have appeared online doing the horsey dance) and the American people. He expressed hope that the American public would accept his apology. That insidious bastard knows us too well, we're suckers for a catchy pop tune.

Sleaze Rock, Gangnam Style

 "Oppan Gangnam Style" and I feel fine. The ticker stands at 972,178,391 (You Tube official music video) although if you add up all the different versions available on YouTube, Gangnam Style has already cleared the billion mark. Let's not quibble over trivial manners.... time is running out, click at your own risk.  Top YouTube comment: "He ask fool of an ass, I think he is a mule... he is not in either boys or girls population, he is in other population" Prakash Sai 

Deadpool vs. gangnam style,   Getting the full gangnam treatment is Marvel Comics'  anti-hero, Deadpool, who is a parody of the cosmic drama, antihero-heavy comics that make up most of the Marvel fare. In this video, Deadpool generally makes an ass of himself, scaring young girls and bothering passersby.  top YouTube comment: "this is deadpool right here not that cheap ass wolverine knock off"  shootermacgavin64  

Gangnam Style- The Oregon Duck, The ever hip & trendy Univ. of Oregon Ducks jumped on the bandwagon early on with this version. This is your education tax dollars at work Oregon, it was actually kinda funny when it first came out.... now it's just a sad example of the Univ. of Oregon's pathological, attention whore tendencies.  Top YouTube comment: WHO THE FUCK CENSORS THE WORD "SEXY"??? C'MON!!!     Quartrez

Kim Jong style (WITH LYRICS) - Kim Jong gangnam style parody that is stupid in a funny way, and funny in a stupid way.  "work,work, sleep... more work, then torture" the lyrics are a total failure, which is what happens when you use Google to translate from Korean accented English to American English (peedos instead of Beatles) "throw them on the pile, without trial... Kim Jong style"  Top YouTube comment: "Its funny how people consider this funny while they know that north korea actually has nuclear bombs pointing US"  angelgjr1999

Ganga Style - Don Cheto, also known as "el hombre del vozarrón" ("the loud-voiced man") Don Cheto, is a rotund Mexican entertainer and musician. This south of the border Junior Samples works with parody the way Gallagher works with watermelons, loud and sloppy! Here he breaks out every Mexican-American stereotype known to man with diminishing results. Top You Tube comment: "Hijos de puta, tiene hambre dale frijoles.... jajaja!"  jcromero64

Spartan High School Style (REUPLOAD!) last and certainly least, is this embarrassingly bad and awkward parody. The apparent lack of talent & enthusiasm didn't stop this video from going viral. Is it me or does Spartan H.S. have more than its fair share of dweebs? The lunch lady and the creepy male staffers get into it... everyone else is sleepwalking. Top YouTube comment: "Lunch lady, nailed that dance better than the cheerleaders"  Lea Mendelev