Friday, September 7, 2012

Jon Little's Greatest Hits

Meow or Roarrr?, I'm a mellow fellow... I choose meow. There's currently a resurgence of Jon Forrest Little's music or maybe a revival would be a better way to describe it. No matter, this is a turn of events that makes me very happy. If you're not familiar with Jon's music, here's your chance. Jon Forrest Little's greatest hits.... as it stands.

I had posted this last year as part of a feature on Jon Little, Carl Petersen & The Ant Farmers. To my dismay the link to the embedded mp3 player  no longer works. I use Podbean as the host server for my podcast posts and they are a miserable service. My yearly rate for hosting services started at $29 a year and rose to $199, I pulled the plug. (If there's a playlist that you'd like to hear, message me on FB and I'll repost.)

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