Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sleaze Rock

Instead of lamenting the deafening dullness of contemporary pop/rock  music, I'll give it the Sleaze Rock treatment.... these guys (and gals) make it way too easy.  Here's a stingy slice of the sleazy pie, for your listening and reading pleasure.

This sleaze rock special is Fit For Rivals - "Damage" those old rock music war horses: padded rooms, straightjackets, prescription pills and suicide  are dragged out and flogged to death.  Renee Phoenix sings with her eyeballs, which is not as easy as it sounds.   Top YouTube Comment: Would You Do Me The Honer Of Living A Love Story With Me? Or Maybe Marring Me? technofanify

This sleaze rock special is  "Knives and Pens"  from Black Veil Brides, reminding us that foppish emo kids get picked on in school. Spoiler alert: the drummer is a girl and not some freakish dwarf.  The anti-bullying thing sorta takes the piss out of my comments. Top YouTube comment: Not to be rude. But how does being over the age of 13 make you a dumb ass?"  ShineyaInWonderland

This sleaze rock special Blood On The Dance Floor's "Believe" hits a new low for excruciating power ballads. Jayy (because one Y just won't do) is an emo dead ringer for Ashton Kutchner. Dahvie sounds just like Chris Lilley's schoolgirl (in drag) Ja'mie King.... yeah you see where this is going. Top YouTube Comment: "One guy is fat as fuck and sounds like that parrot that records your voice then plays it back in the most annoying way possible. NikkayStephayy

This sleaze rock special "Never Look Back" by The Nearly Deads comes with a warning: "This is what happens when rock and roll mix with the living dead" The Nearly Deads do sound like they have one foot in the grave. Top YouTube Comment: "Hey im young and the only one that i bash around is justin bieber noone else now shut up about how young we are because you are just old...  punkybrewster