Friday, April 13, 2012

Sleaze Rock

This sleaze rock special "I love you so" by Cassius (the French electronica duo comprised of Philippe Zdar and Hubert Blanc-Francart. pitches an app for iPhone. It's a crappy fan video,  the highlight of which is a random girl placing a talking phone between her legs. Ooh-la-la!   Top YouTube comment: "The main message of this vid is 'every idiot is havin an iphone nowadays" SirGuettaX182

This sleaze rock special is "These Boots are made for Walkin" from Belgium's Hellsonics, who are menacing in way that Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra never imagined. Part of the new wave of  Euro trash hellbilly bands.  Top YouTube comment: "Sorry =P ... No need to get aggressive but it just didn't enchant me as much as you."  luciaramirezbernal

This sleaze rock special is Drain S.T.H., (Sweden's all-female answer to Silver Chair) "Crack the Liar's Smile" Maria Sjöholm, the lead singer is now married to Tony Iommi. With those helicopters blades whirling around, I kept waiting for a Vic Morrow moment. Top YouTube comment: "The lead singer is my grandmother, Yes! i swear she is my grandmother... for me its hard to believe." dannybabe 7519

This sleaze rock special is "Waiting for the Big One" from Femme Fatale, fronted by raspy voiced Lorraine Lewis.  This cheesy crapola reeks of sexual innuendo. Lorraine would soon realize that this bunch didn't have the big one in them and she dumped the  chumps. Top YouTube comment:  "I got the big one your looking for baby." Menyhard1