Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

I'm going to take advantage of this extra day and post some videos. It's customary here at Dirt City Chronicles for videos to accompany most articles, a tradition that I've sadly neglected this month. February has been all about California, and to be honest the focus of this blog will probably shift more in that direction as the days go by.

I'm posting a couple of videos from Fresno's Sparklejet,  do yourself a favor and check them out on YouTube, they perform The Who's Tommy, in its entirety. Live at The Starline, Fresno, January 2004. "Complete with 20-piece Keith Moon style drum set, 3-foot gong, 2 fully functional pinball machines, guitar and bass turned up as loud as they will go, and not a high-hat in sight"

I've lived in two places during my lifetime, New Mexico and California.... I celebrate both.  Harry Vanda and George Young (the two Aussies that formed Flash in the Pan) said it best "Up above the sunny skies in south California, There's a wounded rocket flying high, heading homeward.... It came from a hollow, under a hill, And soon there'll be nobody left to kill, In California." Rest assured when that nuke hits, the surf will be fucking awesome!