Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Flux Main Stream

Martin Stamper (Fast Heart Mart) continues his musical sojourn across America. A journey that brought him back to  Albuquerque and has included stops in Las Cruces, Tucson and San Diego.  We now have video evidence of Martin's travels thanks to  "The Flux Main Stream"  a performance video featuring  Martin and Justin Werner.

On Facebook, Martin explains the thought process behind  The Flux Main Stream,  "My friend Justin Werner and I have been playing a music for while and want to be more famous, so we made our own tv show."  Mart continues "  "We're just trying to get this system to work for us,  if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and if can't join 'em... than grow your own."

For  those not familiar with Justin Werner, he's a singer-songwriter  who performs and records as Justin Werner & Co.  or with a large collective of musicians called 3rd. Borough.  Werner like Martin is no stranger to YouTube, where you can find several videos of Justin performing his own compositions or covers of Leonard Cohen and The Beatles.

The Flux Main Stream features homespun, intimate performances by both musicians, direct from a cozy living room, sitting next to a Christmas tree and surrounded by strategically placed vinyl albums and cd's.  It's homegrown television and it sure beats the hell out of Jersey Shore and Storage Wars.