Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thom Parrott Videos

According to the liner notes from Thom Parrott's album "Everything is Fine" his mother said he was using complete sentences at nine months and began singing soon after that. When asked to define "folk songs" Big Bill Broonzy replied "I reckon all songs are folk songs, I never heard no horses singing any."  And that ain't no horse tale, Thom Parrott is the real thing, the epitome of the singer/songwriter. Thom has been called "Albuquerque's Bob Dylan." he's our connection to the folk music legends of the past. In truth Thom Parrott is an Albuquerque  musical treasure.



Pinkville Helicopter tells the story of Warrant Officer One, Hugh Thompson Jr., who intervened to save Vietnamese civilians at My Lai village. The U.S. military codeword for a Viet Cong stronghold was "Pinkville"  U.S. troops commanded by Capt. Ernest Medina & Lt. William Calley entered My Lai and massacred as many as 504 Vietnamese civilians.

WO1 Thompson a helicopter pilot from an aero-scout team witnessed large numbers of dead and dying civilians as he flew over. When he saw a group of women & children being rounded up for execution,  he landed between them and U.S. soldiers pursuing them.

When Thompson failed to persuade Lt. Calley and others to stop the killing he ordered his gunners to open fire on their fellow soldiers if any more villagers were killed. For his valiant efforts WO1 Thompson received the Distinguished Flying Cross and his crew were awarded Bronze Stars.