Saturday, August 14, 2010

Erica Viking

Rejoice radio listeners, Albuquerque's favorite Nordic blond is back (no!  it's not Jane Metzler).  Erica Viking is back on the air as the morning host for KOIT 102.5 "The Coyote", Monday-Friday  6am to 10am.  Viking was abruptly dismissed from KZRR "94 Rock" after 12 years as the news anchor and resident hottie.  KZRR morning host TJ Trout reacted to her departure by responding to questions from listeners with a curt "She no longer works at this station."   That was the same answer I received when I called KZRR to inquire about her absence.  In my opinion, as a long time listener of KZRR (since 1986), Erica Viking was the morning show.  Her "Bitch Please!" feature was usually the highlight of the morning.  Erica's news reports were informative and delivered with an attitude that is missing from the current version of the 94 Rock morning show.  
 She now joins the ranks of Morning Show castoffs, like Jer (he stole his routines from other stations, but they were still funny) Capt. Crunch (his Smokehouse BBQ commercials were classic) and Jaxon (who?).  So now we are left with that high volume, brown noser Swami and the much underused Rainman. As for Carmelina Hart  she tries hard but;  "Bitch Please! she ain't no Erica Viking."
What led to Viking's departure?, if anyone knows, please clue me in. I'll guess that either TJ with his distended ego, could not share the spotlight (microphone) or Erica was long overdue to jettison the show and strike out on her own.  Erica, having served her time in radio purgatory (the can't compete clause) has now returned to the Albuquerque radio market, ready and willing to take on Trout and his cohorts.  This reminds me of San Francisco in 1978 when KMEL went head to head with a floundering KSAN.  The KMEL front office was all about attitude, with their station manager prediciting that KMEL would bury KSAN in the ratings. The jaded, half baked hipsters, that made up the KSAN front office were totally out of touch with the public's taste in music, guess who won.?  KZRR's loss is KOIT's gain, as they say in radio "I'll see you in the book" welcome back Erica.
Best Radio Personality
"Erica Viking. She's funny, intelligent, articulate and provides a strong counterpoint to the chauvinism of the blockheads she works with."  Best of Burque  Weekly Alibi  2004