Friday, June 25, 2010

Blast From The Past: The Philisteens

The Philisteens started out as Deco in 1977 with a lineup of Steve LaRue, Mike Glover and Scott Anderson. In 1979 they changed their name to The Philisteens, while also adding guitarist Larry Otis.  La Rue, Glover and Anderson would leave in 1981, replaced by Roger Neil and Mike Harlan, as the band continued as a trio.  Soon after the band signed with an indie label, Larry Otis quit with Steve LaRue then reuniting with his old band mates in 1982. The Philisteens flirted with success at the national level, but somehow never managed to break through (that could apply to almost every good band from Albuquerque) In 1982 they recorded a single with producer Craig Leon at the helm. (He had produced hit albums for Blondie and The Ramones)  That single was well received, making it onto the play list at LA rock station KROQ.  They parlayed that good fortune into a three year stint of touring as an opening act. The band then moved to Los Angeles, recorded tracks for an album that would never see the light of day and then with a record deal on MCA Records seemingly on the horizon, they broke up.  Since 1990 Mike Glover has teamed up with Robyn Rosenkrantz to form Bright Blue Gorilla.  Together they have traveled around the world performing their music and making movies, including a performance in Germany with Burton Jespersen the former lead singer for The Refrigerators. (that video can be found on You Tube)